Draw a bird day 2019

According to our fun daily holidays calendar, April 8th is “Draw a bird day”. So I drew my favourite bird, the pelican. He’s sitting on a streetlight because there’s a lake not far from here with a bridge over it, and we frequently see pelicans sitting on top of the…

Bookmarks for Reddit Gifts

This year I’m participating in the Reddit Gifts “Bookmark” exchange. My giftee was happy to be surprised, so I hope they are pleasantly so by these hand-painted bookmarks featuring relevant quotes from famous people! They are painted on 6x20cm hot press paper using pen and watercolour and the writing was…


It’s been a while since I posted, and a lot has been going on, most of which I won’t bore you with here. The short version is this; I’ve finally accepted that just painting is never going to be enough for me. I have too many ideas for other things…

A trio of landscapes

First up, a big hello and thank you to Aenea-Jones on Deviant Art, whose wonderful photography and generous stock rules are an endless source of inspiration for me at the moment. All three of these paintings are based on her photographs. First up; I painted this one with watercolour first,…


Today I wanted to choose a subject that was as much about place as the person in it, and this Sktchy photo of Bouanik fit the bill. I simplified a lot of the details, which was an interesting exercise in itself. It’s fascinating how much detail you can leave out…

Happy New Year 2019!

For New Year’s Eve, I painted my stamp-collecting father-in-law on a stamp and wrote good wishes for him in the new year on the back … he’s very interested in perfins (stamps that have been perforated with letters or initials), so I used a punch to perforate his name! For…


A portrait of Miranda from Sktchy. It had been a while since I used just pen and ink and I had clearly forgotten that ink takes longer to dry than watercolour and is therefore much more prone to smudging! It was a bit annoying, but it’s still a cute portrait.

Baha’i Temple

I created this card for someone on r/RandomActsOfCards at Reddit. It’s pen and watercolour on a 6×4″ card. This beautiful temple is not far from where I live and I’ve wanted to paint it from life for ages, but for this one I worked from a photo.


I own several pieces of Bryan Crowson‘s work, so for fun I created a fun watercolour portrait of him at one of his market stalls. I had fun abstracting pieces of his art in the background, and he really liked the end result!


A pen and watercolour portrait of Moses from Sktchy. I was drawn to this one because I hadn’t painted dark skin before. I focused a little too much on the skin tones and not enough on the likeness, but I am otherwise pleased with how it turned out.


A pencil and watercolour portrait of Mary from Sktchy. I thought this was a great pose and I was very much interested in the texture of the blanket, so I chose to go with a very simplified face. I think she looks about a foot shorter in this than in…


A pen and watercolour portrait of Nika from Sktchy. I really like how this turned out, although in a few places I wish I’d made less marks.

Gosh darn spiffy

Not the painting – although I do like how it turned out! – but no, this pencil and watercolour painting is titled for the Reddit user who posted her photograph and invited people to paint it!


Tim has an effortless, 1950’s style cool, that I couldn’t help but try to capture using classic black and white pen and wash. While the likeness isn’t as good as I’d like, it does at least have the right vibe.


I really like how this pen and watercolour portrait came together, but full credit for the cool and interesting reference photograph goes to him!