Purchase my art

For buyers in Australia, you can purchase my art from my Etsy store, or use the links below;

If you’re not in Australia and are interested in buying an item, this can be arranged if you have a Paypal account. Please contact me with details of the item you’re interested in and the country and postcode you’d like it shipped to (I don’t need your full address to begin with). I’ll reply with a total cost including postage, and we’ll figure the rest out from there.

Why not ship worldwide from Etsy? Etsy’s setup makes it quite a lot of work to provide a shipping option for every possible country. Add on to that the varying weight and size of different paintings, and you end up with an unmanageable range of possible shipping prices. It’s easier and fairer to deal with me directly so I can offer you the actual shipping price to wherever you are in the world.