Casey and Candace

My good friend Casey, who runs The Comic Jam, has been a great friend and supporter this year. I wanted to surprise him and his wife with a portrait for Christmas. I painted this using acrylics on a 14×11″ cradled wood panel, referring to photographs on his Facebook timeline. I’m…

Aussie Christmas cards

I decided to paint a design for our Christmas cards this year. Naturally it had to reflect where we are (Australia), the fact that Christmas is a summer holiday here, and I also wanted it to be lighthearted. I painted it using M. Graham acrylics in my sketchbook at around…


A portrait of Miranda from Sktchy. It had been a while since I used just pen and ink and I had clearly forgotten that ink takes longer to dry than watercolour and is therefore much more prone to smudging! It was a bit annoying, but it’s still a cute portrait.

Baha’i Temple

I created this card for someone on r/RandomActsOfCards at Reddit. It’s pen and watercolour on a 6×4″ card. This beautiful temple is not far from where I live and I’ve wanted to paint it from life for ages, but for this one I worked from a photo.


I own several pieces of Bryan Crowson‘s work, so for fun I created a fun watercolour portrait of him at one of his market stalls. I had fun abstracting pieces of his art in the background, and he really liked the end result!


I’ve been friends with Grigorii for many years, although he lives in Moscow and we’ve never met in person. We met when I was trying to learn the Russian language, and thankfully our friendship has survived despite me long-since giving up on it. I painted this portrait using Genesis heat-set…


A pen and watercolour portrait of Moses from Sktchy. I was drawn to this one because I hadn’t painted dark skin before. I focused a little too much on the skin tones and not enough on the likeness, but I am otherwise pleased with how it turned out.


A pencil and watercolour portrait of Mary from Sktchy. I thought this was a great pose and I was very much interested in the texture of the blanket, so I chose to go with a very simplified face. I think she looks about a foot shorter in this than in…


A gouache portrait of Gabster from Sktchy. I was exploring using a Matisse-like dark outline, only to realise afterwards that my recollection of his use of line was very much exaggerated! However, I like the end result!


A pen and watercolour portrait of Nika from Sktchy. I really like how this turned out, although in a few places I wish I’d made less marks.

Gosh darn spiffy

Not the painting – although I do like how it turned out! – but no, this pencil and watercolour painting is titled for the Reddit user who posted her photograph and invited people to paint it!


A gouache portrait of Thornton from Sktchy. I very much like how this one turned out, and felt I learned a lot about gouache in the process!


Tim has an effortless, 1950’s style cool, that I couldn’t help but try to capture using classic black and white pen and wash. While the likeness isn’t as good as I’d like, it does at least have the right vibe.


I really like how this pen and watercolour portrait came together, but full credit for the cool and interesting reference photograph goes to him!