Hobbit House

Once again my wife and I participated in the Reddit Gifts Secret Santa at Christmas. All of our matching went well and both our santas and giftees turned out to be wonderful 🙂

Unfortunately, not all people who sign up to do RG are great, and my wife was “rematched” as a Santa for someone whose original Santa didn’t send them a gift. That’s happened to me several times and it’s really disappointing. What’s worse is that this was their first exchange.

Thankfully, he’s a Lord Of The Rings nut, and I’ve been wanting to make a Hobbit-style house for a long time, so this was the perfect excuse.

Starting with no plan, I grabbed some balsa wood and built a base. I glued small mirrors where the windows would be. I was originally going to have planter boxes under the windows, but later decided not to. Here’s the balsa wood base;

I then used Sculpey Premo polymer clay to create all the details. It was done in several stages and baked between stages. The ground and house were done seperately and joined in the last stage (the two parts of the base are actually screwed together).

After this I painted it using acrylic paint, and used UV resin to create the “water” in the pond. Using a fantastic tip I learned from Bards Craft on Youtube, I used dried dill to create the “grass” (bought in a jar from the local supermarket), and I also used coriander to create the foliage on the tree. Both were adhered with PVA glue. When the glue was dry I then drybrushed lots more colours into it. I gave the house part a dark wash to bring out the dark crevices, and coated the grass and tree in a generous layer of acrylic matt varnish to fix them into place.

Here’s the end result (total time spent, about 12 hours) … I adore how it turned out, had a wonderful time making it, and hopefully the recipient likes it too!

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