Becoming a “local artist”

For a long time now I’ve been generally unhappy with my efforts to have an online store, maintain an active online profile via social media, and so on, but wasn’t quite sure what the alternative was.

After a great deal of thought, discussion and research, I’ve concluded that I’d be considerably happier accumulating art as I make it – whether it’s paintings, sculptures, trinkets, jewellery, electronic gadgets or whatever else I happen to make – and then having a stall at a local market whenever I run out of space to keep it all.

So, as of today, my Etsy store is in “holiday mode”, meaning you can no longer see or purchase items there. If you find a piece of art here for sale that you want, but you’re not in my local area, don’t fret … see the purchase page for more information.

Making this move also frees me up to make changes in the social media arena. Instagram used to be great but these days with the “algorithm” and paid advertising and a gazillion more members than it had in the early days, it’s pretty much a waste of energy trying to use it as a promotional platform unless you’re willing to spend literally hours every day on it (and/or spend actual money on paid promotion), and I’m not. That’s time and money I could spend making stuff, or actually living my life. Ditto for my Facebook page, and indeed for all the social medias.

So they’re all going to vanish as well, except for my personal Facebook account which you’re welcome to follow if you wish. I’ll make public posts about new stuff I’ve made, upcoming markets and so on, and keep the rest friends-only.

I never set out to build a brand or a business. I just want to make stuff and share it with people, and if I make a couple bucks along the way to go back into funding more supplies and materials, that’s a bonus. So if you’re thinking, he’s cutting himself off from the global market!, well yes. Yes I am. To play in that game you’ve got to be all-in, and I’m not. I’d rather have a pottering little life as a local artist who makes stuff and occasionally sells it at markets. I want to enjoy making things and not stress about marketing them. If I never make dollar one, that’s OK, because making stuff is my hobby and spending money on a hobby I enjoy is fine with me.

Lastly, as a huge added bonus, my wife will be joining in. She’s a creative soul as well but was also not sure how to make it a fun part of her life. So it won’t just be my market stall, it will be ours. I can’t imagine anything I’d like more.


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