Pug life!

Pugs have a face only a mother could love, right? Although it’s definitely adorable in its own unique way. Just like me.

I watched the artist Slew paint pet portraits on Youtube a while ago and he masked off a border on the wood panel first. When the tape was removed at the end it left a clean wood border. I wanted to try it and I’m glad I did, it looks amazing and really “lifts” the painting. Thanks for the tip, man!

I found a great reference photo on Pixabay. After masking off the border I painted the inside area with black acrylic (because I adore painting on a black background), drew the initial drawing with a white watercolour pencil (because it’s easy to erase and will also dissolve into the painting), and then did this painting using just three acrylic colours; Titanium White, Quinacridone Gold and Dioxazine Purple. Gold + white = light fur, Gold + Purple = medium to dark (brown) fur, Gold + Purple + White = slightly purplish grey (helped by the black background). Pretty amazing what you can do with a limited palette if you choose it carefully!

This is an 8×8″ cradled wood panel and the painted area is 6×6″.

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