Still life with fruit in an ornate urn

The inspiration for this painting once again came from a photo on Pixabay.

Because I tend to use fuzzy, out of focus greens as my backgrounds in a lot of portraits, I really wanted to do something different with this one. I took my inspiration from the single white flower in the reference and put several of them in. I quickly realised that it would read quite well as wallpaper.

I drew the outlines first with pencil and then with black acrylic paint. Here’s how it looked at the drawing stage; you can see both the pencil lines and the paint lines. The pencil lines don’t matter as they’ll disappear under the paint anyway.

I then painted it with complementary colours, just like for the last painting. It certainly exercised my knowledge of the colour wheel! It was interesting to make sure values were (more or less) correct. The end result was actually quite attractive in a peculiar way! You’ll note that the flower petals aren’t painted. They’re going to stay white and it seemed like I’d be creating work for myself by painting their complement (black!).

My wife and I both loved it already (she told me, “Don’t stuff it up!”). The following day I went ahead with painting the true colours. I made a few design choices along the way that contradicted the underpainting (notably, the tablecloth) but it mostly went as planned. Below is the end result.

PS: No, my wife does not think I stuffed it up! 🙂

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