If at first …

A Facebook group I’m a member of posted a “challenge” photo for members to paint, and it’s been a while since I painted a landscape so I was keen to give it a go.

This was my first attempt (painted yesterday), and I fell straight into a trap I’ve fallen into before (many times) – painting exactly what I see, rather than trying to edit it. While it didn’t turn out terrible (I call it a successful failure), I just felt that it wasn’t “me”. The colours are actually quite close to “right”, and the drawing is accurate, but … it’s just kind of boring, and way too busy.

So this morning I decided to do it again, painting straight over yesterday’s painting. I washed over it with a translucent white which let me trace the drawing, but this time I used my favoured black outlines. I moved and expanded the creek and eliminated the big ditch on the left.

This is how it turned out – a lot simpler, a lot warmer and more inviting, and a lot more fun. It’s acrylics on canvas, 16×12″.

1 thought on “If at first …

  1. As you say very different styles. I actually liked the first one, even though you weren’t happy with it. I can see the second is simpler and more vibrant, so I guess it all comes down to personal taste. The main thing is that you are enjoying painting a gain, and it shows.

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