What if I really pushed?

If you’ve been reading recent posts you’ll know that, as if by magic, my style (and my self-confidence) have evolved almost beyond recognition, and I’m still exploring all the new possibilities that has opened up.

For this portrait, my question was; what if I really pushed the colours? Not to the point of fauvism, but certainly well into expressionism.

The result? It’s definitely colourful and expressive, I like the likeness (even though it’s not perfect), and again – and I can’t understate how important this is – I had fun doing it.

Acrylic on A4 recycled paper.
Thanks to zenraven at Sktchy for the reference.

I particularly love this painting, not just for its vibrancy, but for the brushwork. I love getting up close to paintings and seeing a recognisable image dissolve into abstract patterns of brush marks and colours (as opposed to everything being blended to microscopic precision), and this painting certainly has that …

So many pretty colours and marks!

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