Three times is a pattern

If something happens once, that’s nice. Twice, it’s a coincidence. Three times, it starts to look like a pattern.

Here’s the third painting in my “new” style (read my previous two posts for an explanation). Perhaps not quite so wild as the first two, but I think it captures the sun and happiness it was intended to. And once again, yes, I enjoyed doing it.

I also “pushed” the pose in this; in the reference she was standing still, I wanted to add a sense of movement, so I arched her back a fair way. This made it considerably harder to draw, but not so much so that I felt like, I can’t do this. Who am I, and where has my lack of self-confidence gone?

Acrylic on A4 recycled paper.
Thanks to José Saucedo at Sktchy for the reference.

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