Maisie the gnome

I couldn’t let Gneville live his life all alone, so I made him a girlfriend. Meet Maisie!

She had something of a tortured upbringing. I made her feet successfully and baked them. Then I made her torso and put that in the oven. Except that I set the oven to the temperature for cooking food, not clay. When I came back to remove her more than an hour later. She was completely and utterly black. But amazingly, that was about the worst of the damage. No detail lost, a few minor cracks, but that’s all.

I was a bit put off for some time but finally decided to finish her anyway to see what would happen when I rebaked her to set the head and arms. To my surprise, that worked just fine, and now she’s painted, you’d never know to look at her what she went through. She’s a survivor!

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