Gneville the gnome!

I recently received the book “Sculpting mythical creatures out of polymer clay” by Dinko and Boris Tilov, and could hardly wait to start working through it.

They use coloured clay, which gives lovely, smooth, animation-like results. But,
a) I have no coloured clay, and
b) I prefer a bit more detail and texture

So while I did follow the broad strokes of their tutorial, I added texture where theirs was flat, and then hand-painted it, giving me much more freedom to put in details like the hairs in his beard, and also of course to choose the exact colours I wanted to use.

I’m really delighted with how he turned out and am very much looking forward to working through more of the book. Not to mention the three other books I bought at the same time. I have plenty of work and learning ahead of me – which is just how I like it!

Thanks to Aenea-Jones at Deviant Art for the photograph I used as a background.

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