A trio of landscapes

First up, a big hello and thank you to Aenea-Jones on Deviant Art, whose wonderful photography and generous stock rules are an endless source of inspiration for me at the moment. All three of these paintings are based on her photographs.

First up; I painted this one with watercolour first, then added the pen, then wasn’t sure I liked the addition of the pen (but it was too late by then, of course). But with over 100 likes on Instagram, clearly people see it much more favourably than I do!

Next, I deliberately chose a very complicated photograph because I wanted to see if I could actually paint a recognisable version of it. Remember, I’m only painting 6×4″ postcards so there’s not a lot of space to create detail. I had intended to paint this one and then add pencil or pen, but to my surprise, once it was painted I felt very reluctant to add anything, so (for once) I listened to myself and left it alone!

Today I wanted to start by drawing first, so I drew this with pencil, then painted it, then added some more pencil.

Do you have a favourite of the three? I do. It’s today’s one with the pencil, followed by the first one, and in last place is the painting-only one. I’ve learnt that while I can work with pen, and I can work with watercolour only, using pencil and watercolour is what makes me happiest and makes me feel the most expressive. This isn’t really news to me, but I think every so often we need to be reminded of what we’re doing and where we’re going.

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