Today I wanted to choose a subject that was as much about place as the person in it, and this Sktchy photo of Bouanik fit the bill.

I simplified a lot of the details, which was an interesting exercise in itself. It’s fascinating how much detail you can leave out yet still leave the viewer in no doubt of what they’re looking at (case in point: the distant buildings have hundreds of windows, but I didn’t draw any at all. Indicating (barely) the divisions between the blocks where they’ve been painted slightly different colours is enough to make them apartment blocks. Ditto for the bricks in the arch; just a few pen lines to indicate the edges here and there is enough to tell the viewer that the whole thing is made of blocks like that.

I wasn’t sure about putting in the design on the t-shirt at first, but luckily it was a highly stylised image anyway and it does break up the dark colour. There were words underneath it but those I left out.

I will have to find out from him where this photo was actually taken!

As usual, pen and M. Graham watercolour on a 6×4″ cold press card.

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