Happy New Year 2019!

For New Year’s Eve, I painted my stamp-collecting father-in-law on a stamp and wrote good wishes for him in the new year on the back … he’s very interested in perfins (stamps that have been perforated with letters or initials), so I used a punch to perforate his name!

For my wife, I painted a yogi in front of a lotus flower, because she enjoys doing yoga and hopefully will be able to do more in 2019 …

And today – New Year’s Day 2019, so a very Happy New Year to you all! – I chose a photo from Sktchy to paint. I was drawn to this one for the contrasts in texture between the coat and the scarf, and I also wanted to push the warm and cool tones in the background (and I did. A lot!).

All three of these are pen and watercolour on 4×6″ cards.

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